Developing a World-class Maritime University in Turkey

The Turkish Maritime Education Foundation (TUDEV) was established by the Turkish Chamber of Shipping in 1993 with the task of providing financial support to maritime institutions in Turkey with a view to increase their capacity to recruit more cadet officers in response to the identified officer shortages in the shipping industry in Turkey. This was noted to be a unique contribution and a positive intervention by the Chamber by the maritime community in the country. Throughout the 1990s TUDEV generously extended financial support to maritime centres and universities who intended to start maritime courses with the same intention of improving the supply side of the officer education and training.

The Turkish Chamber of Shipping through TUDEV was one of the top two sponsors of International Association of Maritime Universities (IAMU) inaugurate Congress held in Istanbul, Turkey in 1999. An outcome of this sponsorship was the election of Turkey to STW Chairmanship at IMO (2002-2004), the first time in the history of Turkey and IMO. The Chamber therefore not only supported local developments but also had a global vision of maritime education and training (MET). In 1995, the Turkish Chamber of Shipping/TUDEV started its own Training Centre providing MET in Turkey which led to many officers (over 1300 during the period 1993-2003) being trained for the Turkish shipping industry. Read More

eWoggle – Sailing and Boating Guide

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